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An adventure roleplay Empty An adventure roleplay

Post  Loxley on Mon Aug 23, 2010 11:27 am


So I'm rolling around ideas for an adventure roleplay, because I'm in one of my spurts of adventuristic creativity where I wish I was out traveling the world instead of sitting in Sweden's armpit. Razz So far I don't have much, except that it'll take place in South America, specifically Colombia and Peru, and in the Andes and partly the Amazon.

Things like what year it takes place in and the story of it is yet to be punched out. I was hoping I could get some participation from y'all to do the punching out. And also, hopefully, some voiced interest in the roleplay. It doesn't necessarily have to be a particularly violent one. There will be some violence, of course, due to the not-so-safe nature of the South American wilderness, but it doesn't have to be an orgy of blood and carnage รก la Apocalypse Now. In fact I'm hoping to have quite a bit of socializing between the characters as well as local culture as part of the mix as well.

Anyway, that is all. Razz
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