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Post  Stone on Wed Sep 15, 2010 9:26 am

I know some think that Icanhascheezburger is all about LOL cats, but it's not. They have a BUNCH of different sites.

My favorite are: Friends of Irony , Historic LoLs and sometimes Bobs House of Video Games but theres more misses than hits in that one. But there are a MILLION more sites.

I also found a fun new site.. well not NEW but new to me and I thought I'd share: The People of Walmart
Awkward Family Photos

I haven't seen anyone I know yet in either of these but its only a matter of time. You know, I've worn things to Walmart that MIGHT get me put on that site, but I do it because I've been forced outta the house where I've been COMFY and am in clothes that makes me warm and smily. Most of these can't even claim that the outfit is comfy! Or at least I hope it's not.
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