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Darkborn, Lightborn Empty Darkborn, Lightborn

Post  CindySue on Thu Oct 07, 2010 2:47 pm

Consider a noble society; Princes, Dukes, Lords, Ladies etc. Basically any old world story. Add magic and mystery. Now divide them into two groups. The LightBorn, and the DarkBorn. The light to rule the day and the dark to rule the night. Neither people can live in the others world, but they live side by side. The Lightborn embraces magic and all things in the day. The Darkborn are blind and use ecolocation, or sonn, to see the world. They also view magic as evil and shun all who posses it.
What happens then when a Darkborn lady and a Lightborn sorcerer concieve twins, who are darkborn but they are sighted. Both worlds are now looking for these children who can live in both day and night.

Its a fasinating book and I'm enjoying it very much!!
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