Clash of the Titans

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Clash of the Titans

Post  CindySue on Mon May 03, 2010 2:09 pm

Okay friends I saw Clash of the Titans a couple weeks ago, and I've got to admit I liked it. But when compared to the original there was only one way to go.
I've owned the original for a few years and I never watched it. My hubby told me that before we went to this one I had to watch the old one first so I could appreciate it.
And boy was he right. Anyone who as ever seen it will agree that the new one is a million times better then the first. Claymation, stop animation, bad acting. bad costumes. Horribly bad show!
The new one isn't amazing, and I don't want to own it, but its so much better then the first it makes you want to cry. Still weird, but what greek mythology story isn't.
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